Sammi Gomez Handcrafted Eyewear (SGH Eyewear) 

Is an Optical Boutique that specializes in up-to-date fashion eyewear.


Function and Fashion Infused

We offer our customers the most fashionable, stylish wooden eyewear, with a selection of the top quality hardwoods, making our eyewear items desirably green, an eco-friendly thumbs-up product. They are super light and comfortable.

Unique and Exclusive

We also give our customers the opportunity to customize their own eyewear shades, by choosing the type of wood available and style in which they want it in. Did we mention prescription? Yes, we do on request.

Our wooden eyewear is designed by professional designers and then handcrafted to perfection!

Not one pair of our handcrafted eyewear is alike, each one is individually crafted to perfection making our product for you, undeniable unique and special.

Take a browse at our Collection Categories and purchase your pair or two today!

Our world 17Our Vision

To be the leading brand in wooden eyewear with up-cycle & eco -sustainability in mind.

Our Mission

To achieve sustainable growth through building a brand that is associated with trust & excellence.

To be recognized as a reliable company with integrity that delivers on their promises.

Strives to empower the community by creating job opportunities and developing the skills of those workers. In this way, we contribute towards economic growth through employment.

To grow our roots into Africa and further abroad, making SGH Eyewear a trusted name in the industry.

To continue to build a solid reputation based on honesty.


Doing it right.


For the fans out there we have created exclusive designer ranges through Collaboration with Celebrities, of which three of them has become our very own Brand Ambassadors.

How humbled and proud we are to have strong self-empowered and driven individuals wear our name alongside theirs…..we say thank you and looking forward to a path of great growth with every single one of you (fan and celebrity)